TecMedix, LLC offers a focused but comprehensive set of computing and telecom infrastructure services that include consulting, implementation, support, and procurement. Clients benefit from this one stop approach since it alleviates them from having to deal with multiple integrators to fulfill their infrastructure needs. In addition, they are able to capitalize on price discounts we can secure with preferred vendors and suppliers.
Consulting to Implementation, Support to Procurement
Infrastructure Consulting
Infrastructure consulting enables a client to undertake a formal approach to any infrastructure upgrade. Through this service clients can precisely establish their network needs, design characteristics, deployment timeline, and investment outlay. The end result is a structured and controlled approach to a network upgrade. This service is commonly engaged by clients concerned about cost overruns or service disruptions during upgrades.
Infrastructure Implementation
Infrastructure implementation is a comprehensive deployment service that results in the installation of a modern network and telecom infrastructure, or upgrades the existing infrastructure based on targeted objectives. The implementation may be a comprehensive deployment that is driven by the plans and schedules derived from an infrastructure consulting engagement, or may be limited to specific upgrade priorities.
Maintenance and Support
Maintenance and support are ongoing infrastructure upkeep services that are extended to clients with stabled network and telecom infrastructure. The primary objectives of this service are to ensure infrastructure stability and performance, and to provide limited enhancements to facilitate organic capacity increases. This service is generally extended to clients through formal and binding service level agreements, and generally entails routine weekly visits.
Procurement services are extended to clients through the value added reseller relationship we maintain with reputable vendors and suppliers. This service may be executed in accordance with the procurement schedule recommended by an infrastructure consulting engagement. The benefits to clients are the price discounts that are possible, and the flexible warranty and equipment service plans we can effectively negotiation.
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